Whether you are a true makeup fashionista or are just barely starting your beauty routine, there are always those challenging aspects within what you love to do. And for many makeup and beauty artists, that’s applying false eyelashes. Read below for a great tutorial and tips, and maybe snag some gorgeous beauty supplies from L’Rouge Beauty while you’re at it. 


Getting Started

Anybody wants to be a master of their trade or hobby, so it’s no surprise that false eyelashes can give almost anybody a run for their money. It doesn’t seem like a super hard or delicate task, but many people struggle in applying fake lashes and making them look good. The first step in nailing the look down is gathering your supplies: you will need your false eyelashes of choice, lash strip adhesive, and a pair of slanted tweezers. It’s recommended to keep the eyelashes to a cheaper brand at first, until you gain the right skills, then start splurging on the luxurious lashes of your dreams. 


Next, take the eyelashes and measure them up against your own eyelid, and trim the excess lash off. You can always use this extra strip for later use, either at your eye’s outer corners for added volume or by itself for a little more emphasis on your regular outer lashes. You’ll want to apply your lash glue strategically, and not let it glob onto your false lashes. You will want to also allow it to dry slightly before applying, so once the glue is on, wait for about thirty seconds or so, to where it’s tacky but not overtly wet, and you should be good. During that wait, you can also bend the eyelashes toward each other, with the two ends meeting in a “kiss”. This will better distribute the glue onto all areas of the lash, including the ends, so the eyelash doesn’t lift while you’re wearing them.     


Applying The Eyelashes

For the best angle to apply your false eyelashes, we recommend placing a mirror under your face, nearly at a perpendicular angle. When you look down, your eyelid will extend, almost like you’re closing your eyes, but you’ll be able to see where exactly to place the strip of lashes. You don’t want it to be tangled up in your own lashes, but still close enough so it’s right on top of your lashes; using this mirror trick will give you a better angle to apply them. Remember to keep your eyes open while applying the lashes, as closing your eyes will produce a different eye shape and won’t work as well. It is difficult to keep them open, but rest assured that practice makes perfect! At this stage, you can use your own hand or tweezers to apply the lashes, whichever you’re most comfortable with. To make it less obvious that you’re wearing falsies, you can also use a liquid or gel eyeliner to mask the lines on your eyelid. Draw a line extending from the band, from where it begins, to the inner corner of your eye. You can add your own details, like a winged effect with a flick out the end, but that’s entirely up to you as this is simply to cover the false eyelash line for a more natural look. 


Admire Your Look

And that’s it! You are now transformed to a doe-eyed beauty in no time. Most experts can get lashes on in two minutes, which is always a great ending point while you continue to learn and develop your own tips and techniques. All things take time and patience, so don’t worry if you’re still getting the hang of it. Practice makes perfect, afterall!


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